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Significant Investor Visas

Australian residency through investing


Significant Investor Visa

Subclass 188


Making a significant investment in Australian businesses has become a well-travelled pathway for high net worth international investors looking to secure permanent residence in Australia.

Yet, it’s a highly complex process and one that requires legal expertise across both the financial and migration landscapes.


Significant Investor Visa requirements


Under the Significant Investor Visa (SIV), you need to invest at least AU$5 million for four years in complying Australian investments as follows:

  1. A minimum of AU$500,000 in designated venture capital and private equity funds which invest in start-ups.
  2. At least AU$1.5 million in managed funds satisfying the emerging companies investment criteria.
  3. And the balance of the investment in specified investments such as managed funds, corporate bonds, annuities, and real property in Australia.

Highly experienced


With considerable experience in SIV migration, LRG Lawyers’ team expertly navigates the Australian financial and migration environment. We aim to make the entire process as smooth as possible.

With you from start to finish


Our multi-lingual team will work with you to assess whether you satisfy government requirements. We’ll then drive the process from end to end until completion. In doing so, we’ll minimise your exposure to the process while maximising the potential for a successful outcome.


The 188 Visa at a glance


For high net worth, international investors, Significant Investor Visas Subclass 188 are valid for 4 years and offer pathways to Australian permanent residence. As, once you’ve maintained your investment for four years, you can apply for permanent residency under the Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) Visa, Subclass 888.

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